Aid for refugees trapped in Lebanon

Syrian Christians have been particularly targeted by militant Islamic groups, and Lebanon has welcomed an overwhelming number of families on the run. Many of these families entered Lebanon with hopes of continuing on to Europe but lack the means or immigration clearance to do so. Official camps and social systems are overcrowded, work is not an option, and around the world, borders are being closed.


The Church has a mandate to take care of the oppressed, and in Lebanon, the Body of Christ is faithfully moving forward in mercy. Alpha Relief has been given the timely opportunity to partner with a local church in Lebanon that is supplying much-needed aid to displaced brothers and sisters and other refugees right in its own neighborhood.

For just $25 you can help provide a refugee family with a monthly survival pack filled with food and basic supplies, a Bible, and a clear presentation of the Gospel. Click here to send a survival pack now.

Still Needed: $5,076

Hope for Believers Inside "Red Zones"

The world is seeing a rise in religious extremist persecution. With groups like ISIS exploiting power opportunities, already turbulent areas of the world are reporting new levels of terror and oppression. Families are forced from their homes. Women and children are kidnapped as sexual prisoners, and men are killed in mass graves. Among those suffering are our brothers and sisters in Christ. These are the "Red Zones"


Hope is not lost. Alpha Relief is privileged to partner with brave men and women deep inside some of the most dangerous Red Zones, including Pakistan, Syria, and areas of North Africa. These incredible heroes are seeing growth in the underground church but desperately need our help to provide safe houses, emergency food and shelter, training resources, and secret missionary support. 

Still Needed: $5,360


Bibles For Persecuted Believers

Millions of persecuted believers in the world today face the troubling reality of being denied the Bible. In Myanmar, the Hakha Chin tribe faces slave labor, forced Buddhist conversion, and deep poverty, all which prevent access to God’s word. In Syria, many families have been forced to flee their homes, leaving everything behind including their Bibles when ISIS invaded their villages. Inside China, both physical and digital versions of God’s Word are restricted, leaving only one in four believers who own their own copy of Scripture.


There are heroes poised and ready to make the dangerous Bible deliveries our persecuted brothers and sisters desperately need. For as little as $5 a physical Bible, or $30 for a digital Bible with discipleship apps, you can ensure hope for those who are spiritually starving.



Critical Aid for Christian Families inside Syria

Gabriel is an on-site Alpha Relief partner bringing hope to displaced Christians inside Syria who have fled from ISIS. He risks the dangers of a war zone to journey to an area outside Damascus where a network of over 1,000 persecuted families are trying to survive.

Gabriel’s next trip takes place in just a few days. This time his mission will focus on 100 of the displaced families. These hurting brothers and sisters in Christ desperately need hope as they face poverty and continued persecution. 


Gabriel needs our help in raising $5,000 for survival packs for the families which include food, medicine, and basic living resources. Together we can ensure that the Syrian persecuted church knows they are not forgotten.



Safe House for North Korean Believers

North Korea hunts believers to eradicate Christianity within it’s boarders leaving the underground church starving both spiritually and physically. A few brave North Koreans are able to cross the heavily guarder checkpoints and make it into China where they search for food and discipleship. Mr. Chan operates a safe house near the border crossing points. This long time partner needs our help to offer six North Korean guests secret counseling, discipleship, and emergency living supplies for their hungry families back home. Some of the six guests will be hearing the Gospel for the first time. 


For $1,500 we can provide discipleship for the six guests during their stay as well as emergency aid for their return trip to their families and churches inside North Korea.


Where Needed Most

One of the best ways to help meet the needs of persecuted Christians around the world is to designate your gift “Where Needed Most." Donating to Alpha Relief in this manner allows us to meet the most pressing needs at each of our covert project locations as well as provide ministry oversight and accountability. Your gift matters. In fact, just $25 can help to offer a suffering Christian family food for a month.



Use the donate button below to give “Where Needed Most." Every gift, whether large or small, is critical in ensuring hope.