Safe House for North Korean Believers

North Korea hunts believers to eradicate Christianity within it’s boarders leaving the underground church starving both spiritually and physically. A few brave North Koreans are able to cross the heavily guarder checkpoints and make it into China where they search for food and discipleship. Mr. Chan operates a safe house near the border crossing points. This long time partner needs our help to offer six North Korean guests secret counseling, discipleship, and emergency living supplies for their hungry families back home. Some of the six guests will be hearing the Gospel for the first time. 


For $1,500 we can provide discipleship for the six guests during their stay as well as emergency aid for their return trip to their families and churches inside North Korea.

Still Needed: $1,500


Support for a Secret North African House Church

Ezekiel was beaten and almost killed by his own family when he converted from Islam to Christianity. Now he is an undercover church planter for other secret converts just like himself in a Muslim dominated community in North Africa. He is deeply committed to his mission but needs our help as he continues to lead others out of the darkness. All that is required is a $100 commitment per month to provide basic living resources, which will enable this brave pastor to continue ministering full-time. 


For $1,200 we can provide a year of support for Ezekiel’s basic living needs to continue his secret mission in leading Muslims to Jesus.



Critical Help For Persecuted Syrian Pastors

Gabriel is an on-site Alpha Relief partner bringing hope to displaced Christians inside Syria. He risks the dangerous of a war zone to journey to an area outside Damascus where a network of local pastors are desperately trying to aid over 1,000 persecuted families near their churches. 

Gabriel’s next trip takes place in just a few days. This time his mission will focus on 10 of the local Syrian pastors. These hurting heroes of the faith are giving all they can while facing poverty and persecution. If they lose hope, many refugee families under their care may also fall.


Gabriel needs our help in raising $10,000 ($1,000 for each pastor) for a gift of food, basic living resources, and the most urgent needs of the pastors' churches. Together we can ensure that the Syrian persecuted church knows they are not forgotten.



Where Needed Most

One of the best ways to help meet the needs of persecuted Christians around the world is to designate your gift “Where Needed Most." Donating to Alpha Relief in this manner allows us to meet the most pressing needs at each of our covert project locations as well as provide ministry oversight and accountability. Your gift matters. In fact, just $25 can help to offer a suffering Christian family food for a month.



Use the donate button below to give “Where Needed Most." Every gift, whether large or small, is critical in ensuring hope.


North Korea Emergency Aid

The North Korean underground church is suffering as food across the nation grows scarce. The country has been in constant struggle to provide for the needs of its people yet officials stand in fierce opposition toward underground aid efforts. Labor camp sentences are issued to those helping Christians.

By God’s grace a brave Alpha Relief onsite partner has been able to successfully deliver emergency food, clothing, medicine, and other essential survival resources to a growing church network of over 220 families inside North Korea. Our partner recently notified us that a delivery is desperately needed to offer support and hope for those being served. It's a very dangerous mission but our partner stands ready as soon as resources are available. 


For $1,500 we can equip our partner with a delivery of emergency food, clothing, and medicine, ensuring hope and survival for our North Korean bothers and sisters in Christ.