Covert Aid for an Underground North Korean Church

Though Bo and Annie face persecution for being Christians in China, these two brave heroes are taking even greater risks by providing emergency relief and discipleship to a covert church inside North Korea. The couple has secretly brought North Korean believers into China for intensive Bible training and discipleship sessions. Bo and Annie also provide critical living resources like food, medicine, and clothing to the underground church to help with the poverty and hunger many of the members face. As a result, the small church is slowly growing and the light of Jesus is shinning brighter in the darkness. But aid resources to provide churches like the one this couple serves, are hard to come by. Our partners on the front lines have ask for our help.


For $1,500, we can provide enough aid to offer hope to an underground North Korean church for an entire month.

Still Needed: $205


Support and Discipleship for Persecuted Colombia Pastors

The FARC (A guerrilla rebel group in Colombia) keep communities in fear and persecute Christians for the light they bring into the darkness. Pastors in the guerrilla controlled “red zones” are threatened with death for spreading the Gospel and kept from receiving outside resources, including Bibles for their small churches. But a unique window of opportunity exists to covertly provide support and Bibles for these pastors through onsite partners. In the face of death, the brave men have asked for our help, committing to continue to spread Christ’s light in their villages as well as to FARC members open to the Gospel.  


For $5,750, we can provide these brave pastors with support, 2,500 Bibles, and discipleship for believers under their care. 

Still Needed: $5,750


Hope for 23 Trapped Pastors Inside Syria

Gabriel is an on-site Alpha Relief partner bringing hope to displaced Christians inside Syria. He risks the dangerous of a war zone to journey to an area outside Damascus where a network of local pastors are desperately trying to aid over 1,000 persecuted families near their churches. 

Gabriel’s next trip takes place in just a few days. This time his mission will focus on 23 of the local Syrian pastors. These hurting heroes of the faith are giving all they can while facing poverty and persecution. If they lose hope, many refugee families under their care may also fall.


Gabriel needs our help in raising $23,000 ($1,000 for each pastor) for a gift of food, basic living resources, and the most urgent needs of the pastors' churches. Together we can ensure that the Syrian persecuted church knows they are not forgotten.



Where Needed Most

One of the best ways to help meet the needs of persecuted Christians around the world is to designate your gift “Where Needed Most." Donating to Alpha Relief in this manner allows us to meet the most pressing needs at each of our covert project locations as well as provide ministry oversight and accountability. Your gift matters. In fact, just $25 can help to offer a suffering Christian family food for a month.



Use the donate button below to give “Where Needed Most." Every gift, whether large or small, is critical in ensuring hope.


Aid for Bahira's Trapped Family in Syria

As ISIS militants stormed their small Syrian city, Bahira and her family did the only thing they could…flee. Finding refuge outside of Damascus, the hurting family took up shelter in an unfinished building with no walls, no electricity, and no water. 

Bahira's husband grew sick and is unable to support the family. Many days, her children (ages 5, 8, and 15) are forced to beg on the streets to pay for food. 

Yet hope remains. Sami, a local pastor is providing refugee families, including Bahira's, monthly food aid. Pastor Sami's heart to offer hope includes hurting Christian families as well as Muslim families in desperate need of the love of Christ. But resources are dwindling. Sami needs our help.


For $1,150 we can provide emergency aid resources to Sami for Bahira and many families trapped near his church. Any size gift will help.