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God is rescuing his church and these stories prove it. This ebook was so transformational for me in wanting to join the story.
— Laura L.

Around the world, Christians are being brutally persecuted at level greater then any other time in recent history. But there is hope. Despite the best efforts of the enemy, the light of Jesus remains strong in the midst of the darkness.

"Where Light Remains" is a free ebook containing a collection of stories straight from the front lines of persecuted church ministry. We hope these first hand accounts of rescue and emergency aid from inside North Korea, Syria, Iraq, China, Myanmar and other areas hostile to the Gospel, will encourage and transform your life. Get your copy of our free ebook today!

I was overwhelmed at how much darkness persecuted Christians face today, but overjoyed at the ways God is working to bring hope where it is needed most!
— Andrew M.