Alpha Relief mobilizes and educates the global Body of Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in countries where Christians are persecuted.

We are committed to finding, reaching, and rescuing Christians in some of the darkest places on earth. Using a network of underground international contacts, we distribute emergency food aid, Bibles, and other essential resources. We also educate churches in the U.S. about areas of intense persecution and act as a conduit for support and involvement. We believe in following the example of Jesus Christ; who demonstrated amazing love and compassion to those in need. We do this with the financial support of churches, foundations and individuals and through the expertise, creativity and credibility of our networks.


Formed in 2000 by a missionary who worked behind the Iron Curtain, Alpha Relief has always been called to work in the hard places around the world, serving the Body of Christ. Beginning in China with bible smuggling, over the years, AR has expanded to meet needs in North Korea, The Middle East and South East Asia.

In 2014, Alpha Relief merged with Global Advance in Rockwall, TX, to become one family serving frontline leaders and persecuted Christians in the global Church. Alpha Relief is now a ministry of Global Advance.