2015 Review: How You Became A Hero to The Persecuted

Take a moment to celebrate the amazing ways the Lord invited us into His great rescue plan over the last year. It was filled with stories of light overcoming darkness, and you were a part of it!

One of the devil's schemes is to make the church believe he is stronger then he actually is, especially as he senses his approaching demise. Though we are witnessing a level of persecution unlike any in recent history, the truth still remains: the enemy is losing. The frontline stories you are helping write prove that. 

Your role is crucial in ensuring hope for our persecuted family in Christ. As a result, the enemy sees you as a threat and will do his best to discourage and keep you out of the war. Resist him, watch him flee, and know that through Jesus you are fighting the good fight. 

Lets make 2016 the biggest year of rescue yet!