Leaving All Behind (A Story of Escape From Pakistan)

Have you seen the latest news reports covering the terrorist bombings in Lahore, Pakistan? A splinter group of the Taliban took responsibility for killing over 70 people, claiming it was a direct attack on Christians. Most of the victims were women and children. 

It's horrifying, but persecution of believers in Pakistan is not a new occurrence. The light of the Gospel has been spreading in the region and it appears the Devil is desperately trying to fight back as he quickly loses ground. 

The good news is that there is incredible hope for those standing strong in their faith. This month we want to share the story of one Pakistani family who endured severe persecution, escaped, and through your help have finally found refuge.

Solomon clung tightly to his father as the family hurriedly gathered the few possessions they could carry before running from the home he had grown up in. The little boy watched his house grow smaller in the distance and wondered if he’d ever set foot inside again. He ached at having to leave everything behind, but also knew that something terrible would come if they stayed.

Solomon’s family had been forced to flee their community in Pakistan after leaving Islam to follow Jesus. At seven years old, he saw firsthand the repercussions of the new faith as the family was threatened with severe persecution by angry Muslims. Through the help of Alpha Relief friends, his parents, alongside his uncle and aunt, managed to escape Pakistan and seek refuge in a supported African safe house. 

As an Alpha Relief hero, you stepped in to ensure hope for these hurting believers. You helped provide Solomon’s family basic living needs and even language lessons so they might survive and thrive in their new homeland. There was even more reason to rejoice recently as we were notified of the birth of Solomon’s first cousin. 

The family is incredibly grateful for the body of Christ around the world that came to their rescue. Keep them in your prayers as they continue their journey. Already Solomon’s father, as a missionary, is reaching out to local African Muslims with the love of Christ.