Christians fleeing war in Southeast Asia

As bombs rained down in the jungle on a remote village, a young family scrambled to grab what belongings they could fit on their motorbike. One word raced through their minds: escape. As members of a predominantly Christian minority group in Southeast Asia, they found themselves on the wrong side of an ethnic and religious divide. As they fled down remote jungle roads with thousands of other newly-homeless families they took comfort in the Gospel and the knowledge that they were not alone. Little did they know they were running toward a dead end.

Overshadowed by the politics of immigration in the western news media is the truth that the crisis of displaced peoples is global. In Southeast Asia, refugees are being coldly turned away at the borders of neighboring nations. The message is clear: your plight is insignificant and does not matter. You don’t matter.

We’re shouting down that message with a louder, clearer truth: Jesus also had no place to lay his head and Jesus was also rejected and pushed out. You matter to him and you matter to his body, the Church. This message is communicated through Alpha Relief’s partners who are providing food, shelter, and spiritual care in Southeast Asia and other “Red Zones.”

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