She is Brave, Bold and Courageous

Kalat evang.jpg

'You will wait here until I come back and decide what to do with you.' The door slammed and the terrorist snapped shut the padlock on the other side. Myself and two other Christians with me were trapped in a Taliban safe house. We were in a city we did not know, sharing the gospel from door to door, and had unwittingly knocked on the local Taliban leader's door.

"At that point, I began to feel unwell," Miriam says, interrupting her story. She has no penchant for the dramatic.

I knelt, and placed my hands on the door to pray. For two and a half hours I prayed for Jesus to deliver us. Then some of the terrorists came back and threw us in the back of a car and started to drive. 'Where are you taking us?' I kept asking them. They said nothing...

Miraculously, Miriam and her friends were driven to the nearest Catholic church, pushed out of the car, and told by the driver, "I don't know why he's letting you go, but you must leave this city and never come back."

With the support of Alpha Relief's partners Miriam has stayed the course and continued as an undercover frontline missionary to her nation. She works in one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian in, and has encountered many harrowing situations. Recently, Miriam had to spend some time in a new city when Christians were kidnapped and killed by ISIS loyalists near her home. While she was away she helped to plant a new house church, and has been traveling around the country training new Believers in evangelism.

"Miriam is persistent, and very tenacious," a friend explained, "sometimes I fear for those standing in opposition to her rather than for her. She is brave, bold and courageous."

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