The Humility of a Rural Pastor

Pastor S. in Southeast Asia was overjoyed to hear that Alpha Relief's partners had gathered together enough funds to provide him a motorbike. He cares for a very rural Christian community, and his efforts in spreading the Gospel were hampered by unreliable buses, expensive (when available) moto taxis, or the exhaustion of simply walking everywhere. So the prospect of having his own moto meant an immense leap forward for the Kingdom in his village and the surrounding jungle areas. You can imagine the despair Pastor S. felt when he heard he would not be able to accept the gift.

The community is not only rural, it is poor. And for Pastor S. to suddenly appear in town riding a shiny new moto would raise immense suspicion. If the authorities learned that the Church provided Pastor S. the bike for spreading the Gospel, it could mean the moto would be impounded. Even worse would be in store for Pastor S. himself.

Pastor S. with the new bike.

Pastor S. with the new bike.

In unity with his ministry leadership, a plan was developed. Pastor S. was encouraged to get a job in construction for two months. It could reasonably be assumed that a down payment for the motorbike came from his new income. In humility and faithfulness, Pastor S. submitted to his leadership, got the job, and worked hard in construction by day while continuing to share the Gospel in his community. Finally, Pastor S. was gracefully able to accept the motorbike. Now his reach has expanded tenfold and the Gospel continues to advance thanks to Alpha Relief's generous partners!

Will you help empower brave and faithful Kingdom workers like Pastor S. to continue to share the Gospel?