"Jesus has the answers you seek."

Yohannes is a church planter in Islam-entrenched North Africa. A few weeks ago, Yohannes felt the Lord leading him to pray and fast for 21 days. One week into his fast Yohannes had a vision. Here is how he relayed it: "After one week of fasting and praying I had a vision. In my vision I saw a Muslim man sitting in an area which I know. This man was under heavy pressure and was struggling to escape. As I woke up, I felt that I had to go that particular place. As I arrived I saw the same guy whom I saw in my vision hours before. I started to talk with him. 'Did Allah send you?' he asked."

Yohannes learned that the man's name was Hassan. Hassan was shocked to hear that Yohannes came after seeing him there in a vision. He presumed that Allah had sent Yohannes to help him. Hassan shared that he was a highly ranked Muslim scholar, but he had many questions that were not answered by Islam. Hassan was discouraged and frustrated with life, and told Yohannes that he knew eternity would be no better than his life on Earth.

Yohannes explained to Hassan that it was, in fact, Jesus that had sent him. "Jesus has the answers you seek," Yohannes encouraged him. A relationship was formed, and after weeks of questioning and discussion, Hassan gave his heart to the Lord. He is now being discipled in the underground local church which Yohannes planted, funded by Alpha Relief.

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