The Modern-day Prodigal Son

Can you think of someone who has strengthened you in your faith, encouraged you when you were weak, and helped you grow in the Lord? It's Father's Day, so perhaps your dad comes to mind. Or maybe your own father was absent in one way or another, and a father-in-the-faith stands out to you - a pastor, leader, teacher, mentor, or author? Pastor Moses is one such father-figure to a community of believers in a closed nation. But not everyone welcomes the message of the gospel Pastor Moses shares, not even his own son.

Pastor Moses is truly a faithful servant to the Lord, and has been a key frontline leader in the network he serves for many years. Recently something seemed a little off. Moses' son had been growing increasingly aggressive and hostile because of the family's faith in Christ and dedication to the Church: what the son saw as a fruitless pursuit. In rebellion, he became involved in drugs and alcohol.

Then it happened: Pastor Moses’ son demanded his inheritance early. In their culture this meant the family land and home. In a violent episode Moses, his wife, and their young daughter were forced out of the house. Having nowhere else to go, they built a small place in a rice field.

Please pray for Pastor Moses and his family. You can give through Alpha Relief to help with their daily needs, and help Moses buy a small plot of land on which he can construct a new home nearer to the church he pastors. The pain of a broken family remains, but the loving Father-heart of God lives on in Moses toward his son.