Gospel-first Emergency Relief

One might expect an update from the epicenter of the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world to emphasize the famine that is threatening the lives of 20 million people. Thousands flee South Sudan daily in search of food. They eat what vegetation they can find along the way. But with a tone of hope, the frontline leader Global Advance partners with in South Sudan wrote of many coming to the Lord, and the need for Scripture in local languages. “Pray for us,” he closed quite simply, “many are starving.” The Gospel was primary.

What are frontline leaders? In every nation, God has positioned influential people to advance His Kingdom. The front line of the Gospel is where the Church is taking root in new areas and people groups. Persecution of Christians in these areas is common.

On May 30th, Cyclone Mora tore into the southern coast of Bangladesh where thousands displaced from Myanmar had hunkered down to await their fate. They fled brutality from the Burmese military regime into the brutal arms of nature. The storm quickly flattened entire refugee settlements. It was not a reactive move for our frontline leader to jump into action to provide emergency food, water, and shelter: his team had already been working faithfully to share the Gospel among the refugees.

“It is maybe our only opportunity to reach out to thousands of refugees before they are scattered all over the world,” explained the frontline leader ministering to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Homeless, they await visa approvals for their asylum applications to western nations, which could take months. In great need and facing desperate situations, their hearts are open and seeking eternal hope in Christ. So the local church is welcoming them in with the message of the Gospel and caring for their needs.

The frontline leaders Global Advance partners with all share a common conviction: only the Gospel of Jesus Christ carries true hope and the power of transformation for those in great need. By your support of Global Advance they are able to minister to physical needs: 200 families in South Sudan received maize flour, 150 families in Bangladesh were given 40kg of food, water purifiers, and tarps, and 200 Syrian families received emergency food packs, each with a Bible lovingly placed on top. There is no question, this is the tangible expression of Christ’s love given through his body, the Church.

Will you widen the impact of frontline leaders by providing them emergency relief, Scripture, training, tools, and economic empowerment through Global Advance? Your gift makes their work possible.