A Secret Meeting with an Unlikely Smuggler

I want to share another incredible story from my recent trip to South Korea. Enjoy!

I emerge from the subway at the agreed rendezvous point straight into a rainstorm. With droplets of water spilling down over my face and shoulders I slowly survey the busy street around me. My eyes carefully scan for my contact. There, just across the street I spot her, taking shelter from the rain in an empty coffee shop. Crowds of hurried South Koreans scuttle by her on their way home from work, unknowingly passing one of the greatest North Korean smugglers of modern-day.  

Mrs. Kim does not fit the normal description of an underground operative. This lovely lady warms the room where we are now seated with her giant smile, continually offering our small team big hugs. We are sharing a meal in a basement restaurant, far from the prying ears of those who would oppose her work. Although Mrs. Kim operates in the dark, the food, medicine, and warm clothes she smuggles have the power to light up North Korea with the love of Jesus. 

Our conversation turns to local news or the weather whenever our waitress stops by our table, but while we're alone, Mrs. Kim shares the incredible details of her latest cross-border missions. She shows us a few secret pictures taken from the over 200 underground church families that she serves inside North Korea with the aid. On occasion she has even smuggled out thank you notes (like the one pictured), handwritten on second hand notepaper. For me, these pictures and notes are treasures, our only link to our brothers and sisters in Christ trapped under an evil dictator. 

Our time with Mrs. Kim is always too short and our parting is filled with tears. It's humbling for me to hear her thankful heart for the supporters I represent. She risks her life, and yet she sees you all as her lifeline, knowing that without your involvement, hundreds would be without hope. She tells me she hopes to one day meet each and everyone of you, but until then (or when we all meet on the other side of eternity), she sends her deepest gratitude.

Call To Action:

Its the brave heroes like Mrs. Kim who remind me that nothing can stop the invasion of Jesus' rescue for his bride. You become part of the story when you give to the Rescue and Relief Fund. Mrs. Kim and the many other operatives I've spent time with here in South Korea are committed to their roles in the rescue process. It would be an honor if you would continue to join in.