Forgetting the War Exists

Walking the streets of downtown Seoul is always a surreal experience. It seems strange to me that so many South Korean citizens carry on their daily business, appearing to be mindless of the warfare being waged so close to their homes. Seoul sits just 30 miles from the heavily guarded North Korean border. It’s a border that is still at war.

North and South Korea signed a cease-fire agreement in 1953 to end the Korean conflict. Although tensions have always been high, a whole generation of South Koreans have grown up since that time. Most now live as if the war does not exist.

It’s an interesting physical picture of what is happening in the US and around the world on a spiritual level. I believe one of the greatest schemes the devil employs against the church is to make us forget he exists. You see, if the church knew how important our role was in the great rescue story of the Gospel, if we knew how much hope we could offer Christ’s bride when she is persecuted, we would be very dangerous to the devil. We could assault his kingdom, invading the darkest places in the world with light.

And so, just like the South Korean commuters, the devil keeps most of us unaware of his presence ... unaware that a war still wages ... unaware of the hero role we are meant to embrace.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing my experiences from a recent trip to South Korea where a small Alpha Relief team met with our onsite partners. These frontline operatives are reaching into the darkness of North Korea with the hope of the Gospel. It is my prayer that these stories will help serve as a reminder that we are all still in the midst of the greatest war ever fought between the devil and the light of Jesus Christ. 

May we never forget the war or the cost Jesus paid to ransom our lives from darkness. You and I have been set free so that we might bring others into that same freedom. As a supporter of Alpha Relief you are doing just that ... setting people free. Your role in the rescue story of the Gospel matters. Thank you for not forgetting and thank you for bringing so much hope.

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