Nari's List (How A Modern Day "Schindler" Is Setting North Koreans Free)

Nari is a hero whose acts of courage most will never know. She operates a rescue safe
house, which provides temporary shelter and relocation services for North Koreans who've escaped into China. But China offers it's own set of dangers. North Korean women are often captured by human traffickers and sold into sex slavery. Men are just as vulnerable to traffickers who hunt them for slave labor. Without the services and ministry Nari provides, most would have little hope of ever finding freedom.

Nari's house is a safe harbor in the midst of a violent storm. Many come having never heard the Gospel message before. Nari knows most of her guests are in an incredibility
vulnerable state on their arrival. She offers warm meals and comfortable beds. She then
works tirelessly to show the love of Jesus, carefully unraveling the Gospel message to
reveal a Heavenly Father who deeply loves each of her guests. Once safe transportation
can be arranged, the escapees leave the safe house to begin their final journey to South
Korea where they can finally live in freedom. Most who come through her home leave
having gained a new relationship with Jesus and scripture to continue their growth in Him.

The team gathered in a mountain field outside of Seoul to securely attach digital media players containing multiple scripture formats, radios, and handwritten messages of hope to three-foot helium balloons. Jet streams flowing at high altitudes are able carry the balloons deep inside North Korea where they eventually deflate and come back to earth. North Korean escapees, have reported finding the balloons and even coming to Christ as a result of the messages and scripture attached.

The team prayed over each balloon, asking the Lord to guide them to those in need. They then released the couriers into the air, watching as they cleared the trees and soared high out of sight. They will bring the hope Jesus to many others, some of whom may one day find themselves in Nari’s safe house.

You are offering freedom for many trapped in darkness. On behalf of those you’ve helped rescue this year, thank you for your incredible support!