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The Modern-day Prodigal Son

Can you think of someone who has strengthened you in your faith, encouraged you when you were weak, and helped you grow in the Lord? It's Father's Day, so perhaps your dad comes to mind. Or maybe your own father was absent in one way or another, and a father-in-the-faith stands out to you - a pastor, leader, teacher, mentor, or author? Pastor Moses is one such father-figure to a community of believers in a closed nation. But not everyone welcomes the message of the gospel Pastor Moses shares, not even his own son.

Pastor Moses is truly a faithful servant to the Lord, and has been a key frontline leader in the network he serves for many years. Recently something seemed a little off. Moses' son had been growing increasingly aggressive and hostile because of the family's faith in Christ and dedication to the Church: what the son saw as a fruitless pursuit. In rebellion, he became involved in drugs and alcohol.

Then it happened: Pastor Moses’ son demanded his inheritance early. In their culture this meant the family land and home. In a violent episode Moses, his wife, and their young daughter were forced out of the house. Having nowhere else to go, they built a small place in a rice field.

Please pray for Pastor Moses and his family. You can give through Alpha Relief to help with their daily needs, and help Moses buy a small plot of land on which he can construct a new home nearer to the church he pastors. The pain of a broken family remains, but the loving Father-heart of God lives on in Moses toward his son. 

Into the Fray (Planting Churches in a War Zone)

For years, Alpha Relief's attitude toward supporting the persecuted Church has been simple: when others run out, we run in. Most ministry training operations would select a peaceful locale with iconic views for a weekend conference. When the opportunity arose for Alpha Relief to invest in the training of frontline leaders with a desire to plant churches, there was only one small complication: they were all caught in the middle of a war zone in Burma.

Front line (noun): the military line or part of an army that is closest to the enemy.

A complication, perhaps, to some. But Alpha Relief aims to empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in their own communities. A true war rages in Burma as the military junta aims to seize and control the natural resources in areas populated by traditionally-Christian minority ethnic groups. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, and the spiritual war is just as real. The hope of the gospel of Jesus is just what is needed, and these brave leaders aim to bring it.

Three back-to-back conferences were conducted in villages fringing the conflict area. In all, 180 were trained and discipled, and they were encouraged in their commitments to plant churches throughout Burma. Your faithful support made this possible. They are doing the work of the gospel; you are ensuring they can keep doing it.

Christians fleeing war in Southeast Asia

As bombs rained down in the jungle on a remote village, a young family scrambled to grab what belongings they could fit on their motorbike. One word raced through their minds: escape. As members of a predominantly Christian minority group in Southeast Asia, they found themselves on the wrong side of an ethnic and religious divide. As they fled down remote jungle roads with thousands of other newly-homeless families they took comfort in the Gospel and the knowledge that they were not alone. Little did they know they were running toward a dead end.

Overshadowed by the politics of immigration in the western news media is the truth that the crisis of displaced peoples is global. In Southeast Asia, refugees are being coldly turned away at the borders of neighboring nations. The message is clear: your plight is insignificant and does not matter. You don’t matter.

We’re shouting down that message with a louder, clearer truth: Jesus also had no place to lay his head and Jesus was also rejected and pushed out. You matter to him and you matter to his body, the Church. This message is communicated through Alpha Relief’s partners who are providing food, shelter, and spiritual care in Southeast Asia and other “Red Zones.”

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