Under The Radar (Stories of Modern Day Bible Smugglers)

Imagine a world in which you cannot own a copy of God's Word. It’s hard to do as most of us own two or three personal copies. Yet millions of persecuted believers in the world today face the troubling reality of being denied the Bible. For some, however, that's changing. 

Alpha Relief continues to work with brave on-site partners who are breaking into closed areas hostile to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through their brave acts, thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ are, even today, receiving their very first Bible. This month we wanted to share some incredible new opportunities our heroes have notified us about. As you will discover, the danger of these initiatives remains high. 

Ready to learn just how exciting Bible smuggling can be?


The Hakha Chin, a people group inside Myanmar, have been brutally persecuted for the last 60 years by their government. These fellow believers in Christ face slave labor, torture, rape, forced Buddhist conversion, and other inhumane treatment. Persecution has also brought poverty for the Hakha Chin. Their scarce resources are used for food and shelter. Having money to purchase Bibles is unheard of. 

Mattaus has seen first hand the effects persecution has had on these precious people. It's his life’s mission to bring them hope. Using backdoor entry points, Mattaus crosses covertly into Myanmar with small pickup trucks loaded with Bibles translated in the Hakha Chins' native language. The sheer joy on the faces of those who receive this priceless gift lets him know the risk is worth it. But Mattaus can’t do it on his own. He needs our help to ensure another delivery is available for his next cross-border mission.

Number of Bibles needed: 2,500

Cost per Bible: $4 


Middle East

Like Mattaus, many of Alpha Relief’s Middle East partners risk the dangers of war zones and terrorist controlled areas to reach persecuted families and covert worshipers of Jesus. Some, like our friend Gabriel, focus their efforts on Christian families trapped inside Syria who were forced to flee their homes when ISIS invaded their villages. Most barely made it out alive with just the clothes on their backs and now mourn the loss of all their possessions, including their Bibles. 

Other partners like Nadia use digital technology to share discipleship material and scripture secretly with underground believers. Although terrorist groups like Al Qaida hunt for Nadia to destroy her work, this brave woman continues to use Skype, iPads, and cell phone technology to ensure a growing number of new believers are being fed spiritually. But Gabriel, Nadia, and other other Middle East friends can’t do it without your help.

Number of Bibles needed: 5,000

Cost per Bible (Paper $5 - Digital $30)



Inside China, the church is exploding with growth. But a strong-willed government still regulates the amount of Bibles allowed in the country. It is estimated that only one in four believers own their own copy of Scripture inside China. Even digital scripture is restricted as many Christian websites and apps continue to be firewalled.

Our friend Brandon is not deterred by the physical and digital boundaries around China. Disguised as a business rep, this undercover agent for the Gospel and his team smuggle hundreds of Bibles a day hidden inside suitcases and briefcases. He has many stories of Bibles being found on his person only to be kept by curious border guards for future study (an unintentional evangelism tool). But for every Bible confiscated, thousands more slip through to be distributed to the Chinese house churches all over the country. Believers will literally kiss and hold the books to their chest when they receive them, grateful for Brandon’s bravery to provide the priceless gift. Brandon desires to offer that same gift to thousands more desperate believers and needs our help to do it.

Number of Bibles needed: 5,000

Cost per Bible: $5

As you can see, the world still needs God’s word. There are heroes poised and ready to make the dangerous deliveries. All that remains is for you to embrace your role in the story. Ready to join in? Click on an Urgent Need below and get started today.