North Korea: Special Delivery

North Korean Christians are praying for help. Will you be the answer?

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North Korea is the most difficult place in the world to be a Christian. The most basic elements of our faith - daily prayer, reading the Bible, caring for the poor, and especially evangelizing the lost - are highly illegal. Neighbors spy on one another. At school, children are tricked into detailing their parents activities. One misstep or careless word can mean a labor camp sentence for not only yourself, but also your parents and children.

Economically, it is impossible to earn an "honest" wage. A broken Communist-era ration system left an economic vacuum. Black-market style trading quickly filled the void with counterfeiting, bribery, and smuggling. Drugs are used as currency.

For years, Global Advance's Alpha Relief Initiative has been partnering with believers on the front lines to bring hope to Christians in North Korea. Covert deliveries of food and supplies to known Christian families helps to sustain entire underground-Church communities. Carefully, they share what they're given with orphaned street-children with whispered love.

Right now we have an urgent opportunity to make a special delivery to one of these communities. Logistics have grown increasingly difficult so we must act quickly. Will you give today to ensure hope for believers in North Korea?



From Death, Life for the Rohingya

Amir and his family cleaned up after a peaceful dinner. As conversations wound down, they prepared to sleep. Suddenly, they heard screams from all around the small village. Amir ran outside and was confronted by flames leaping from every hut. Soldiers were shouting and running toward them, and the family who had followed him outside scattered. Amir and his daughter hid in the nearby bushes until all was quiet. The rain started to fall, and the sky grew dark as the flames extinguished. They began searching for the others. Found bodies at least provided some closure from that tragic night, but there was no chance to grieve or bury their loved ones - they heard the soldiers returning and quickly fled into the jungle. The strong currents of the River Naf are as effective as any border fence between Bangladesh and Myanmar, and Amir and his daughter swam for six hours to reach the other side unseen. Normally guarded closely on both banks, the heavy rain had given them a window of opportunity to escape.

Asia’s most urgent humanitarian crisis has displaced hundreds of thousands of stateless Rohingya refugees from Myanmar (Burma) in recent months. Camps are overrun, and supplies are low. Families are fractured, leaving women and children especially at risk in the fragile environment. Death is the theme of every story.

Yet the life-bearing truth of the gospel is meeting the open hearts of the Rohingya people.

Global Advance’s commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission in South Asia includes the nation of Bangladesh, where a combination of leadership training and relief aid is empowering frontline leaders. A national team of leaders is strategizing to see churches planted in every village, first by convening local pastors for training in March, followed by targeted church planting training later this year. Fueled by the Alpha Relief Initiative, local leaders are bringing food and water to the Rohingya, along with health supplies for nursing mothers and children. They also provide Bibles and collect mobile phone numbers as they go so they can follow up and encourage seekers and new believers in the Word.

I never expected help to come from Christians. Now I know that you are a different kind of people, who love us.
— Rohingya Refugee
Amir with relief supplies from the team.

Amir with relief supplies from the team.

Some of the team met Amir and his daughter the day after their harrowing swim to safety. Sick and traumatized, they were afraid to accept help from Christians. As they were comforted and given food, medicine, and shelter Amir admitted, “I never expected help to come from Christians. Now I know that you are a different kind of people, who love us.”

Your help is needed to share the love of Christ in Bangladesh! $50 provides an Emergency Relief Pack for a Rohingya family, complete with an audio-Bible SD card in their own language.

Living Water for Pakistan

Watch this documentary-style video to discover how Global Advance's Alpha Relief Initiative is partnering with frontline leaders in Pakistan to provide clean water - and the gospel - in rural villages.

When local missionaries ran into opposition from village elders, they reached out in compassion to provide what was needed most: clean water.

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Alpha Relief funded water wells in several strategic villages, and small churches have been planted. Many opportunities have opened to continue advancing the gospel in rural Pakistan: Local missionaries need transportation to effectively oversee church plants. Solar-powered audio Bibles will help build a foundation in God's Word. And, dozens of villages still need access to clean water. Global Advance is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Pakistan, and you're invited to take part!

Global Advance's monthly giving options makes it easy for you to give both water and the Gospel to the unreached in Pakistan:

  • $100 per month resources a local missionary in Pakistan to share the Gospel
  • $75 per month drills a well to provide clean water for an entire village
  • $50 per month provides Bibles for villagers who have responded and given their lives to Christ
With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.
— Isaiah 12:3

Give Christmas

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
— James 1:27 NLT


War, famine, and poverty have displaced hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Middle East and Asia. It is the children who suffer most of all. In the darkest places on earth, Alpha Relief is reaching hundreds of orphans and refugee children with special gifts this Christmas.

Your help is needed. For $25 you can give a Christmas gift to a displaced child through the loving care of Alpha Relief's frontline leaders.


"I hate being a Rohingya"

"I hate being a Rohingya. We are being tortured in Myanmar. Now in Bangladesh, we have no rights. Nothing. After this cyclone, we don't have a roof. We are living under the sky. We have no future."* This tragic statement was made by 27-year-old Hamida Begum, a Rohingya refugee who fled to Bangladesh in February after her husband went missing. On May 30, Cyclone Mora tore into the coast of southern Bangladesh and flattened Rohingya refugee settlements. Though the Bangladeshi government had evacuated over 400,000 citizens from the area before the storm, the refugees remained in makeshift shelters that could barely keep them dry in normal circumstances.

But there is good news for Hamida and the others: a promise from the Father for a brilliant future. “For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). For the Rohingya, a majority-Muslim ethnic group, that hope is Jesus and the loving care extended through His body. Among the displaced is a growing community of 500 newly-Christian families. Faithful men and women have been sharing the gospel among the Rohingya and caring for their already-dire needs, even in the face of opposition and persecution.

The Solution:

Cyclone Mora brought devastation, but also flung open the door to the gospel. The team on the ground is already responding to this disaster and they may be the only ones: “Government do not recognize [the refugees] therefore the aid will not reach these community [sic],” explained a local pastor. They have asked for your help to provide emergency food, water, first aid, and shelter along with the glorious message of the gospel. Total need: $15,000

Rohingya camp before the cyclone struck. The patchwork-tarp roofs were no match for gale-force winds.

Rohingya camp before the cyclone struck. The patchwork-tarp roofs were no match for gale-force winds.

*Quote and data source

Politics disrupting aid to persecuted Christians

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In late March, USA Today cited a UN report that alerted the world to the humanitarian impact of the political crisis on the Korean Peninsula: put simply, people are starving and it's getting worse.* The situation has only deteriorated since then. As tensions escalate, doors are slamming shut; the best chance to reach North Korea with the gospel is now.

Alpha Relief has strategically pursued various avenues of gospel-focused aid in border regions. North Koreans on work visas have received food and emergency medical care as well as Scripture in disguised formats. Many have come to Christ and received discipleship. Now, as many of their visas are cancelled due to the political situation, they are bringing the gospel home with them!

Others are bravely entering North Korea on aid trips in support of local Christian families, empowering them to reach out and share the love of Christ. But the risks are getting higher and opportunities slimmer.

The Solution

By God's grace we'll continue to advance the gospel by empowering these brave leaders. The door is still ajar, but now is the time to act! Sensing the urgent need, some generous donors have sought to inspire more people to rise up by offering a $90,000 matching challenge. Your gift before May 31st will be doubled!


Security System for Pastor K. in Burma

On the edge of an ethnic and religious war in Burma, Pastor K. runs an underground missionary training school and Bible college. Anti-Christian vandals have repeatedly attacked his home and campus, breaking windows and painting threats in graffiti on the fence.

The Solution

Pastor K. went to the police and the only help they could provide was a suggestion to get a security system. Help us restore peace to this outpost of the Gospel: Pastor K. needs about $1000 to install a security system.

Hope for Believers Inside "Red Zones"

Christians have formed close-knit communities in Syria to care for one another as mortars rain from the sky. Now they're inviting neighbors to share the food and basic supplies we're providing, and sharing the Gospel with them. Kachin Christians in Burma flee from one village after another as the national military campaigns to grab natural resources, and looks for excuses to destroy the ethnic and religious minority they've always hated. North Koreans who have been trafficked to Russia as slave labor are receiving gifts of food and medicine to sustain them, and hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Alpha Relief brings aid to the darkest places on Earth and opens the door to the Gospel.


Hope is not lost. Alpha Relief is privileged to partner with brave men and women deep inside some of the most dangerous Red Zones, including Syria, Burma, and in and around North Korea. These incredible heroes are seeing growth in the underground Church but desperately need our help to provide safe houses, emergency food and shelter, training resources, and secret missionary support. 

Still Needed: $5,360


Aid for refugees trapped in Lebanon

Syrian Christians have been particularly targeted by militant Islamic groups, and Lebanon has welcomed an overwhelming number of families on the run. Many of these families entered Lebanon with hopes of continuing on to Europe but lack the means or immigration clearance to do so. Official camps and social systems are overcrowded, work is not an option, and around the world, borders are being closed.


The Church has a mandate to take care of the oppressed, and in Lebanon, the Body of Christ is faithfully moving forward in mercy. Alpha Relief has been given the timely opportunity to partner with a local church in Lebanon that is supplying much-needed aid to displaced brothers and sisters and other refugees right in its own neighborhood.

For just $25 you can help provide a refugee family with a monthly survival pack filled with food and basic supplies, a Bible, and a clear presentation of the Gospel.


Bibles For Persecuted Believers

Millions of persecuted believers in the world today face the troubling reality of being denied the Bible. In Myanmar, the Hakha Chin tribe faces slave labor, forced Buddhist conversion, and deep poverty, all which prevent access to God’s word. In Syria, many families have been forced to flee their homes, leaving everything behind including their Bibles when ISIS invaded their villages. Inside China, both physical and digital versions of God’s Word are restricted, leaving only one in four believers who own their own copy of Scripture.


There are heroes poised and ready to make the dangerous Bible deliveries our persecuted brothers and sisters desperately need. For as little as $5 a physical Bible, or $30 for a digital Bible with discipleship apps, you can ensure hope for those who are spiritually starving.



Critical Aid for Christian Families inside Syria

Gabriel is an on-site Alpha Relief partner bringing hope to displaced Christians inside Syria who have fled from ISIS. He risks the dangers of a war zone to journey to an area outside Damascus where a network of over 1,000 persecuted families are trying to survive.

Gabriel’s next trip takes place in just a few days. This time his mission will focus on 100 of the displaced families. These hurting brothers and sisters in Christ desperately need hope as they face poverty and continued persecution. 


Gabriel needs our help in raising $5,000 for survival packs for the families which include food, medicine, and basic living resources. Together we can ensure that the Syrian persecuted church knows they are not forgotten.



Safe House for North Korean Believers

North Korea hunts believers to eradicate Christianity within it’s boarders leaving the underground church starving both spiritually and physically. A few brave North Koreans are able to cross the heavily guarder checkpoints and make it into China where they search for food and discipleship. Mr. Chan operates a safe house near the border crossing points. This long time partner needs our help to offer six North Korean guests secret counseling, discipleship, and emergency living supplies for their hungry families back home. Some of the six guests will be hearing the Gospel for the first time. 


For $1,500 we can provide discipleship for the six guests during their stay as well as emergency aid for their return trip to their families and churches inside North Korea.


Where Needed Most

One of the best ways to help meet the needs of persecuted Christians around the world is to designate your gift “Where Needed Most." Donating to Alpha Relief in this manner allows us to meet the most pressing needs at each of our covert project locations as well as provide ministry oversight and accountability. Your gift matters. In fact, just $25 can help to offer a suffering Christian family food for a month.



Use the donate button below to give “Where Needed Most." Every gift, whether large or small, is critical in ensuring hope.