Politics disrupting aid to persecuted Christians

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In late March, USA Today cited a UN report that alerted the world to the humanitarian impact of the political crisis on the Korean Peninsula: put simply, people are starving and it's getting worse.* The situation has only deteriorated since then. As tensions escalate, doors are slamming shut; the best chance to reach North Korea with the gospel is now.

Alpha Relief has strategically pursued various avenues of gospel-focused aid in border regions. North Koreans on work visas have received food and emergency medical care as well as Scripture in disguised formats. Many have come to Christ and received discipleship. Now, as many of their visas are cancelled due to the political situation, they are bringing the gospel home with them!

Others are bravely entering North Korea on aid trips in support of local Christian families, empowering them to reach out and share the love of Christ. But the risks are getting higher and opportunities slimmer.

The Solution

By God's grace we'll continue to advance the gospel by empowering these brave leaders. The door is still ajar, but now is the time to act! Sensing the urgent need, some generous donors have sought to inspire more people to rise up by offering a $90,000 matching challenge. Your gift before May 31st will be doubled!

*See https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/03/24/un-sanctions-disrupt-humanitarian-aid-north-korea/99571664/