Hope for Believers Inside "Red Zones"

Christians have formed close-knit communities in Syria to care for one another as mortars rain from the sky. Now they're inviting neighbors to share the food and basic supplies we're providing, and sharing the Gospel with them. Kachin Christians in Burma flee from one village after another as the national military campaigns to grab natural resources, and looks for excuses to destroy the ethnic and religious minority they've always hated. North Koreans who have been trafficked to Russia as slave labor are receiving gifts of food and medicine to sustain them, and hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Alpha Relief brings aid to the darkest places on Earth and opens the door to the Gospel.


Hope is not lost. Alpha Relief is privileged to partner with brave men and women deep inside some of the most dangerous Red Zones, including Syria, Burma, and in and around North Korea. These incredible heroes are seeing growth in the underground Church but desperately need our help to provide safe houses, emergency food and shelter, training resources, and secret missionary support. 

Still Needed: $5,360